Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Morning Pancake Fun

A blog crossed my path yesterday that made me oh and ah with delight! Of course that's not a rarity but this particular blog is different. It's not a subject matter you see everyday. Most of the blogs that strike my fancy involve cakes, cookies, cupcakes, parties, and baking in general. And most have something to do with making baked goods look fabulous as well as taste fabulous.

On this particular blog, the writer is making breakfast look fabulous. And not just ANY breakfast either. My boys FAVORITE breakfast. Pancakes! is a mind blowing inspirational experience. And for those of you that like to do a little something special for your kids for their weekend breakfast. Prepare yourselves. I see a mess in your near future!

Here are just a few of Jim's photos. My absolute favorite is his caterpillar. I mean really! A colorful, 3 dimensional, and absolutely ADORABLE breakfast treat to place in front of your little one.

Then again... maybe the beehive is my favorite.

But the T-Rex... Really? AMAZING!!!

Okay... I can't pick a favorite. And should I have to? They are all inspiring and amazing! And inspired we were! My husband decided to make the kids pancakes for breakfast this morning. And of course I had to pull up Jim's blog and show him. His response... "Okay, I need colored batter!" Now that's what I'm talking about.

I do cakes, my husband does breakfast. And today, HE did breakfast proud. My kids loved it. Here are his creations. I'm so proud! ha ha
He started with a bicycle to get the feel. He learned quickly that lumps in the pancake batter are your enemy.

Next he tried colored creations. My kids are super into monster trucks. And they are pretty easy to draw. He learned here that you have to move REALLY fast. Or have the heat REALLY low. You can see the progression between takes 1., 2., and 3.

Braden got the monster trucks. Normally, I have to cut up their pancakes. Today, I wasn't allowed to go near his pancakes. He ate them whole. Monster trucks hanging off of his fork like a flag, syrup dripping down his face, and savoring every moment!

Garrick got a stunt plane with his name trailing behind it. I took his picture but he growled at me. He's not nearly as interested in being photographed as his brother. So you'll have to imagine him with bedhead in his jammies eating his plane.



Pariah said...

WOW, those are amazing! And here I thought my heart and star shaped pancakes were cool...I really need to level up my pancake skills. Our son would love the trucks!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness Stacy! This is so cool! I absolutely LOVE the pancake creations. Super excited you are now a part of Philly Social Media Moms! Nice to meet you! Are you going to be coming to Souderton when the cake boss is here in a few weeks?

Stacey - Truly Custom Cakery, LLC said...

Thanks so much. I plan to go to the event but haven't decided yet if I'll be competing. It's a VERY busy week before that I've gotta think on it and make a decision soon. :)