Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Romantic Wedding Cake that makes me want to get married all over again!

When putting together designs to show potential brides, the sky is truly the limit. There are an untold number of techniques that convey many different feelings. For this cake, I wanted to show possibilities! Most brides have a vision in their minds of what they want their wedding to be like and even what they want their cake to be like. But if asking for the details... well... it's more like a "dream". There is a feel associated with it. But trying to figure out the physical, tangible, individual designs to match that "feeling and emotion" they have been dreaming about since childhood, is a little more tricky.

So for those that have the super romantic, Cinderella-ish, Elegant and soft dream... this one is for you. Each tier shows a different technique and yet the whole cake is tied together into a cohesive design. I have to say it is my favorite wedding cake to date and it really makes me want to re-live my cake cutting ceremony so I can have photos in my pretty wedding dress cutting this cake! Oh yea... my colors were white and pale pink.

This particular cake will feed 170 guests and is priced at $1,600.00.

Check out this wonderful photograph by our friend Stephen Brown of Looking Glass Photography. Thank You Steve!



SweetThingsTO said...

Wow - absolutely stunning and so romantic. This cake really shows the amazing skills you have!

Hi Note said...

This is gorgeous. Truly great work.

Nicole Beauvais-Holt said...

What an absolutely breath-taking creation. So beautiful I don't know if I could ever cut into it. You are truly an artist.

Anonymous said...

So happy to have found your website & blog. You are crazy talented!