Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taking a Break from Cakes to have some Labor Day Weekend Fun!

Friends of ours moved to the Eastern Shore of Virginia roughly ten years ago. Back in 2002 or 2003 they bought a house on a "ditch" off of the Chesapeake Bay. They've got a dock, two wooden Kayak's that Brent made himself. A wooden boat that Brent also made (can you tell he's a carpenter?) and an open home. We've been hearing for years that we need to plan a trip and visit. But as it goes... life kept getting in the way. The last time they came back "home" we got out my calendar and blocked off a weekend so I wouldn't take ANY cake orders and we made plans for a Labor Day trip to the Eastern Shore.

Nancy in her Kayak that was lovingly made by her husband Brent.

Our host Brent in his custom made Kayak.

What a fantastic time we had! The kids had a blast playing on the dock terrorizing the Fiddler Crab's and Blue Crabs (and quite frankly so did I!).

This is a fiddler crab I caught for the kids. It's unbelievably small. So small that you can see my wedding band in the photo next to it. Yep, that's my hand. He's not much bigger than a deer tic!

We were able to go on several kayak outings and even got to go fishing in the bay off of Brent's boat. It wasn't ALL pleasure... Brent's family used to own Country Manor Bakery here in Warminster so I got to pick his brain on some things and talk a little shop. Not too much though! This was a weekend vacation!

Thanks so much to Brent and Nancy for a fabulous time. I'm positive we won't wait another 10 years before making another trip south. And make sure your neighbors get a hearty Thank You for allowing us to use their Kayak's!

...He was taking a break.

Braden being "Braden".

Matt and Garrick in the Kayak. Garrick loves Kayaking and has decided he wants his OWN child sized Kayak so he can go all by himself... hummmmmm

My son Garrick enjoying a sunset boat trip.

Braden decided that he needed "binoculars". I love how the lighting turned out in this photo.

And this is my favorite photo. I'm not photogenic AT ALL! So I was thrilled that my husband got such a great shot of Braden and I enjoying our boat outing.

Our last trip out in the Kayak.


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