Monday, September 27, 2010

Gum Paste Daisy Tutorial

Here is the promised tutorial on how I made my gum paste daisies for the Gerbera Daisy wedding cake.

The first thing you need to do is prep a spot to dry your daisies and assemble your tools. I take a sheet of foil and press down into a cupcake tin to make little wells in the foil. As seen in the photo. Then you can just set the foil on a cookie sheet.

You need to color your gum paste into your desired color and roll it very thin.

This is the cutter I use. You can purchase it HERE. It's by PME. I like this one because you can layer sizes to make two toned or even 3 toned gerbera daisies.

You want to press down on the BASE of the cutter to cut out your daisy. Once it is cut out, then press down firmly on the plunger to add the detail to the petals.

If you dust your gum paste with a little corn starch, then your daisy won't stick too firmly and when you pop the plunger, your daisy will pop right off and land on your mat. If it sticks, just go around with your finger and gently loosen each petal until you can gently peel the daisy off without damaging or stretching the petals.

Place the daisy on your veining mat and grab your tool of choice to add depth to the petals. I start at the outside edge, press and pull toward the center of the flower. This allows the petals to pull up a bit and gain a more realistic look.

After you've done this to both layers of your daisy, use a little gum glue (tylose powdered mixed with water) or piping gel to glue your layers together. Place a little glue in the center only. Then press down with your ball tool to firmly attach the layers.

At this point you just keep going until you have the desired number of daisies.

After they dry you can go back and add the centers. I just roll a small ball of gum paste in a complimentary color and then flatten it like a button. Then using your glue you can press it gently into the center of the flower. These make fantastic cupcake toppers!



Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Stacey! That was very helpful!

Katie said...

What a great tip - super helpful. Thank you!!