Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Choo Choo for Riley...

I was completely baffled when the client asked for a train theme cake in blue. I'm not sure why... Maybe because it's all Thomas these days... I just kept thinking in circles and not getting anywhere. UNTIL I went online in search of inspiration. By the time I was done I had my plan and knew exactly what I wanted to do. Thankfully my Blue Thomas the Train Mental Block had been vanquished!

I prepped most of the cake ahead. And was almost finished with assembly when my husband walked by. He said... Oh... wouldn't it be cool if you had a skywriter airplane write the little boys name in the clouds? ABSOLUTELY!!! YES it would be very cool... but I'm almost done... Thanks hun! Now I have more work to do!

This is normal... Between my husband, my kids, the internet, television, and magazines, I find myself inundated with amazing ideas and adding to a cake when really... it wasn't necessary. But it is soooo cute! So, Riley got a skywriter. Such a clever husband I have! In all honesty, it's my favorite part of the train cake... Oh well! It's always the details that make a cake pop.

Happy Birthday Little Man!

Cake Stats: Bottom tier is vanilla with chocolate chip filling. Middle tier is chocolate with peanut butter cup filling, and top tier is red velvet (no filling). Iced in buttercream and covered in fondant.

The train cars are made of a mix of fondant and gum paste. The 2 on the top of the cake is gum paste. The clouds are buttercream.


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