Monday, September 27, 2010

Gum Paste Daisy Tutorial

Here is the promised tutorial on how I made my gum paste daisies for the Gerbera Daisy wedding cake.

The first thing you need to do is prep a spot to dry your daisies and assemble your tools. I take a sheet of foil and press down into a cupcake tin to make little wells in the foil. As seen in the photo. Then you can just set the foil on a cookie sheet.

You need to color your gum paste into your desired color and roll it very thin.

This is the cutter I use. You can purchase it HERE. It's by PME. I like this one because you can layer sizes to make two toned or even 3 toned gerbera daisies.

You want to press down on the BASE of the cutter to cut out your daisy. Once it is cut out, then press down firmly on the plunger to add the detail to the petals.

If you dust your gum paste with a little corn starch, then your daisy won't stick too firmly and when you pop the plunger, your daisy will pop right off and land on your mat. If it sticks, just go around with your finger and gently loosen each petal until you can gently peel the daisy off without damaging or stretching the petals.

Place the daisy on your veining mat and grab your tool of choice to add depth to the petals. I start at the outside edge, press and pull toward the center of the flower. This allows the petals to pull up a bit and gain a more realistic look.

After you've done this to both layers of your daisy, use a little gum glue (tylose powdered mixed with water) or piping gel to glue your layers together. Place a little glue in the center only. Then press down with your ball tool to firmly attach the layers.

At this point you just keep going until you have the desired number of daisies.

After they dry you can go back and add the centers. I just roll a small ball of gum paste in a complimentary color and then flatten it like a button. Then using your glue you can press it gently into the center of the flower. These make fantastic cupcake toppers!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Huge Thank You to YOU...

View Reviews and other winners HERE.
We owe our customers, friends, fans, and suppliers a HUGE Thank You!!! It was November 1st 2009 when Truly Custom Cakery, LLC opened for business. And less than one year later, we were voted #1 Best Cakes in Philadelphia! The winner was chosen by the people. So the only thing this can mean is that Truly Custom Cakery, LLC has THE BEST customers and circle of support there can be!

Stay Tuned for a contest being announced later this week to help celebrate!


A VERY Busy but VERY Successful Week in Cake!

This is gonna be one big post! I'm whooped! My week started with making a few toppers for a local wedding. The couple's wedding cake was provided through the venue that was hosting their reception. Since they couldn't get their cake from TCC, they decided to order their custom toppers so they could still have the feel of a custom cake. Good compromise when you want a custom cake but your options are limited by your reception hall.

The first is a replica of the grooms airplane. This is for the grooms cake.
The second is a sugar iceberg with custom sculpted penguins. This is the topper for the wedding cake.

Gerbera Daisy Wedding Cupcake Tree

Wedding Cake Stats:
Top Cake is pound cake with raspberry filling, iced in buttercream, covered in ivory fondant, trimmed with brown ribbon. Piped with ivory buttercream. Top edge is done using a fondant crimper.
Cupcakes are pound cake and chocolate chip pound cake with vanilla buttercream and my own chocolate buttercream recipe. YUMMY!!!!
All the daisies are made using gum paste. This Cake was delivered to The Joseph Ambler Inn in North Wales.Stay tuned for a little tutorial!

Fairytale Theme Baby Shower Cupcake Tree. My client specifically asked that I have a friendly Puff the Magic Dragon on the top of the cake. What better for a baby shower than a baby Puff???

Cake Stats:
Top cake is White Almond Sour Cream with Raspberry Filling. Iced in buttercream and covered in fondant. The color was airbrushed on because the invitations had a sort of water color look to them and I wanted to match the theme. The dragon is sculpted from a fondant/gum paste mix.
The cupcakes are White Almond Sour Cream, Double Chocolate, and Lemon. All with buttercream filling. Airbrushed in yellow, green, and blue and then topper with little gum paste toppers.

Soprano's/Gangster Theme Cake.

This is for a Surprise 60th Birthday. The recipient is a big fan of the Soprano's and Gangster type movies. This one was pretty fun because they sent me a photo of the recipient and I was able to PhotoShop his face onto the $100.00 bill and get edible images printed. I LOVE the personal detail that added to this cake. The cake was delivered to Bella Cena on Spruce Street in Philadelphia.

Cake Stats:
Base Cake is Vanilla with Buttercream, Middle tier is Marble with Chocolate Ganache, and the Top Cake is Pound with buttercream. The whole cake is iced in buttercream and covered with fondant. The money is gum pate with edible images. The pin stripes on the bottom tier are painted on freehand with silver highlighter dust mixed with a little rum.

Beyond all that, I also had a tasting and 3 dozen cupcakes. This week... I'm taking a break!

Happy Caking!!!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Asian Dogwood Blossom Bridal Shower Cake

Whether you are a hobbyist decorator or a professional decorator, you know that sometimes you have instructions for a design where the gap between the instructions you receive and the actual design allows for an endless number of artistic possibilities. This was one of those cakes. I was given the invitation to the shower and told to go with Asian Dogwood Blossoms in a light burgundy, green leaves, and a white background.

So this was the perfect opportunity to try a design I've been wanting to try for a long time. The pleated effect! I iced the cake and then chilled it. While it was chilling I rolled out the white fondant, took a ruler and cut strips about 1" wide. I then placed them in an overlapping fashion all the way around the cake. I really love how this effect looks. In fact, I loved it before I even got to put any details on the cake. It's so clean and yet not at all boring.

The Asian Dogwood Blossoms were made using the Asian Dogwood Cutter and Vainer from Sunflower Sugar Art. Here's the LINK. I went ahead and colored the gum paste before I cut it but I couldn't get the color dark enough. So I also used some dust and then airbrushed some more burgundy when they were finished. The centers are piped with royal icing and then I added a little sage dust.

Stats: Marble Cake with Chocolate Ganache Filling. Iced in buttercream and covered in fondant strips. Decorated with gum paste flowers. Tiers are trimmed with burgundy ribbon.


A Heavenly Baptism Cake for a Tiny Little Man

Stats: Chocolate Chip Pound Cake with Chocolate Ganache Filling. Iced in buttercream and covered with Fondant. Royal icing piping. The bear is sculpted from a mix of fondant/gum paste. The wings are gum paste. I used an impression mat to give them some detail and then brushed them with pearl dust. He is sitting on a cloud of royal icing. The whole cake is sprayed with pearl airbrush spray and there is a little rainbow disco dust sprinkled over the cake.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pretty Pillows for a Princess

Never before have I attempted a pillow cake. But most of my cakes are that way. I've been caking for 2 years and five months now. So it's not unusual at all that I get a request for something challenging that I've never attempted. Sometimes, I'm honestly a little intimidated by the requests, sometimes excited, but always confidant that one way or another, the request will be filled.

I will say that there have been times when it included tears, frustration, and extra baking. And sometimes, I've even had to learn a couple of things that hard way. But thankfully, I've learned a lot and my clients have been happy.

So this weekends challenge was a three tier pillow cake. The thing that amazes me the most about these cakes is that the corners of the pillow don't just collapse! I mean.. It's cake! And yet, somehow... these cakes work. Thankfully Cake Central (one of my favorite cake resources)had a tutorial on pillow cakes. Of which I took full advantage!

I learned a lot. Will definitely do a few things differently next time. But overall, I'm THRILLED with my first attempt. And the client too was thrilled. I love happy endings!

Cake Stats: Three tiers of vanilla cake. Top and bottom tier contain chocolate ganache filling. Middle tier has chocolate chip filling. The cake is iced in buttercream and covered in fondant.

I hand painted the pattern on the bottom tier and the stripe around the top cake. Then airbrushed the pillows. The tiara is made from gum paste, silver highlighter dust, and Swarovski crystals. The shoes on the cake board were purchased and provided by the client.


A Choo Choo for Riley...

I was completely baffled when the client asked for a train theme cake in blue. I'm not sure why... Maybe because it's all Thomas these days... I just kept thinking in circles and not getting anywhere. UNTIL I went online in search of inspiration. By the time I was done I had my plan and knew exactly what I wanted to do. Thankfully my Blue Thomas the Train Mental Block had been vanquished!

I prepped most of the cake ahead. And was almost finished with assembly when my husband walked by. He said... Oh... wouldn't it be cool if you had a skywriter airplane write the little boys name in the clouds? ABSOLUTELY!!! YES it would be very cool... but I'm almost done... Thanks hun! Now I have more work to do!

This is normal... Between my husband, my kids, the internet, television, and magazines, I find myself inundated with amazing ideas and adding to a cake when really... it wasn't necessary. But it is soooo cute! So, Riley got a skywriter. Such a clever husband I have! In all honesty, it's my favorite part of the train cake... Oh well! It's always the details that make a cake pop.

Happy Birthday Little Man!

Cake Stats: Bottom tier is vanilla with chocolate chip filling. Middle tier is chocolate with peanut butter cup filling, and top tier is red velvet (no filling). Iced in buttercream and covered in fondant.

The train cars are made of a mix of fondant and gum paste. The 2 on the top of the cake is gum paste. The clouds are buttercream.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Triple Celebration Cake.

I love fun cakes where the client tells me to do whatever I want because they trust me! This particular cake is for a triple Birthday, a 33rd, a 30th, and a 2nd.

They asked that the cake be really fun and festive and not gender specific. It was also requested that the cake say "Weaverpalooza" because that is what they are calling their Birthday celebration event.

When the client came to pick it up she was thrilled and said it is "Sooooo Weaverpalooza!". I love it when a client is thrilled!

Happy Birthday Devon (Mama Cheaps), Bob, and Lily!!!

Cake Stats: Double Chocolate Cake with Buttercream filling. Iced in buttercream and covered with fondant. The stars shooting out of the cake are gum paste and painted with a little pearl shimmer and disco dust. They are mounted on wires and slid into skinny straws in the cake. The Curly Q's are gum paste. The shimmer on the black fondant is hologram disco dust.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taking a Break from Cakes to have some Labor Day Weekend Fun!

Friends of ours moved to the Eastern Shore of Virginia roughly ten years ago. Back in 2002 or 2003 they bought a house on a "ditch" off of the Chesapeake Bay. They've got a dock, two wooden Kayak's that Brent made himself. A wooden boat that Brent also made (can you tell he's a carpenter?) and an open home. We've been hearing for years that we need to plan a trip and visit. But as it goes... life kept getting in the way. The last time they came back "home" we got out my calendar and blocked off a weekend so I wouldn't take ANY cake orders and we made plans for a Labor Day trip to the Eastern Shore.

Nancy in her Kayak that was lovingly made by her husband Brent.

Our host Brent in his custom made Kayak.

What a fantastic time we had! The kids had a blast playing on the dock terrorizing the Fiddler Crab's and Blue Crabs (and quite frankly so did I!).

This is a fiddler crab I caught for the kids. It's unbelievably small. So small that you can see my wedding band in the photo next to it. Yep, that's my hand. He's not much bigger than a deer tic!

We were able to go on several kayak outings and even got to go fishing in the bay off of Brent's boat. It wasn't ALL pleasure... Brent's family used to own Country Manor Bakery here in Warminster so I got to pick his brain on some things and talk a little shop. Not too much though! This was a weekend vacation!

Thanks so much to Brent and Nancy for a fabulous time. I'm positive we won't wait another 10 years before making another trip south. And make sure your neighbors get a hearty Thank You for allowing us to use their Kayak's!

...He was taking a break.

Braden being "Braden".

Matt and Garrick in the Kayak. Garrick loves Kayaking and has decided he wants his OWN child sized Kayak so he can go all by himself... hummmmmm

My son Garrick enjoying a sunset boat trip.

Braden decided that he needed "binoculars". I love how the lighting turned out in this photo.

And this is my favorite photo. I'm not photogenic AT ALL! So I was thrilled that my husband got such a great shot of Braden and I enjoying our boat outing.

Our last trip out in the Kayak.