Friday, June 19, 2009

Simplified Grill Cake for Father's Day

Someone ordered a grill cake for Father's Day but didn't want all the extra details. So here's just the grill. Turned out really good. The more you do something... the more you learn!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Grill Daddy for Father's Day

This is my first project for The Town Crier Bakery. It's a display or "dummy" cake for the shop. All the details are made out of Fondant and Royal Icing.

My boss was thrilled which made me very happy!

And now???? You can order one for Father's Day!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Dream Come True!

I'm so excited I'm not sure how to begin this post! So... bear with me! Most of you know I've been wanting to take my hobby to the next level. Unfortunately converting my passion to a home based business is very complex, involves daily paperwork, follow ups, and lots of stuff that isn't any fun!

So... I've been casually looking for a cake shop that would hire me to work with them while at the same time keeping my flexibility and availability to my children. God knew exactly what I needed and I could have never even asked Him to give me the situation He has delivered. It's amazing how He knows what we need better than we do and how he can orchestrate things to work out better than we could have ever dreamed possible! So this post is about a new partnership. It's a match made in Heaven! LITERALLY!

On Saturday I received an official offer from Kerry & Roseann Burns at The Town Crier Bakery in Peddler's Village. My role will be to help with the more detailed cakes that involve fondant, gum paste, and some of the more time consuming techniques. In other words... the stuff I'm good at that you can see on my blog!

I'll work with them on a part time basis and pick up extra hours as cake projects dictate. My boys will get to hang with one of my dearest friends and her children whom they absolutely LOVE while I'm at work.
What does this mean for my friends and family who want to get cakes from me? You still can! In fact, I'll now be better equipped to make the cake of your dreams as I've been given access to a bakery full of supplies and knowledge!

If your cake project is too big for my kitchen, your friend wants a cake (and I don't know them), you need more than I can do, you want a cake tasting, or anything else that's out of the norm of a simple cake, I can STILL decorate your cake.

The difference is, you'll put your order through the Town Crier, tell them that Stacey Hill referred you and I will get a finders fee for sending them your business and I'll get to decorate your cake. The benefit to you is that I won't have to turn anyone down, you can get more flavors, sizes, and tastings! And a very competitive price! You'll want to speak with Roseann Burns. You'll like her, I promise!

Thanks for all your prayers and support. Stay tuned for more cake photos as I'll keep on updating!

Oh! And don't forget to visit the bakery!

Town Crier Bakery, LLC
29 Peddlers Lane
Lahaska, PA 18931
215-794-9910 Fax 215-794-991

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom's 61st Birthday is tomorrow and she loves pound cake with buttercream icing. It's her all time favorite. I recently found an incredible pound cake recipe that is beyond melt in your mouth good!!! I gave her a taste last week and she decided there was no other cake she'd rather have to celebrate her 61st!

She told me just cake with icing smeared on it would be good. BUT you know me! Even though I started icing this cake at 10:30pm tonight, I had to make it pretty! So... it's a little nicer than just pound cake with icing.

Here's a link to the recipe if you are so inclined to try making it. I made it for company this past weekend with a homemade blueberry topping and garnished with whipped cream. That's MY favorite way to eat it!

Gotta love a simple round tip when you want a quick freehand design. Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Congratulations Graduates!!!

During the 2009 school year I've been working as an After School Program Supervisor at a local Private Christian School. Tomorrow the 6th grade graduates and after the ceremony, there will be a celebration for the class, their families, and the staff. I wanted to do something special for them as many of them know I am a cake nut and have been begging me all year to make them a special treat.

This is a double chocolate cake with buttercream icing. The graduate is hand sculpted from sugar clay. The little graduation caps are also edible sugar clay.

Congratulations 6th Grade!!!!!