Thursday, March 31, 2011

Perfectly Pink & Precious Baby Shoes

I love cute stuff! And these shoes are so super cute. They'll top a baby shower cake I'm assembling this weekend.

Several people on facebook have asked how I made them so I thought I'd show you. This is the pattern I used. I cut the tabs off of the pattern as they aren't necessary for gumpaste shoes. If making two shoes, cut one of the patterns with the lettering side up. For the other shoe, flip the pattern over.

For the texture on the shoes, I used a scrap booking embossing tool. These are pretty cool because you get a 2 sided design.

I glued my pieces together using a little bit of gum glue (Tylose Powder mixed with water). The embellishments were made of white gum paste and then painted. I used a pearl airbrush paint for the flower and black airbrush liquid for the snap on the shoe strap.

Happy Creating!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Morning Pancake Fun

A blog crossed my path yesterday that made me oh and ah with delight! Of course that's not a rarity but this particular blog is different. It's not a subject matter you see everyday. Most of the blogs that strike my fancy involve cakes, cookies, cupcakes, parties, and baking in general. And most have something to do with making baked goods look fabulous as well as taste fabulous.

On this particular blog, the writer is making breakfast look fabulous. And not just ANY breakfast either. My boys FAVORITE breakfast. Pancakes! is a mind blowing inspirational experience. And for those of you that like to do a little something special for your kids for their weekend breakfast. Prepare yourselves. I see a mess in your near future!

Here are just a few of Jim's photos. My absolute favorite is his caterpillar. I mean really! A colorful, 3 dimensional, and absolutely ADORABLE breakfast treat to place in front of your little one.

Then again... maybe the beehive is my favorite.

But the T-Rex... Really? AMAZING!!!

Okay... I can't pick a favorite. And should I have to? They are all inspiring and amazing! And inspired we were! My husband decided to make the kids pancakes for breakfast this morning. And of course I had to pull up Jim's blog and show him. His response... "Okay, I need colored batter!" Now that's what I'm talking about.

I do cakes, my husband does breakfast. And today, HE did breakfast proud. My kids loved it. Here are his creations. I'm so proud! ha ha
He started with a bicycle to get the feel. He learned quickly that lumps in the pancake batter are your enemy.

Next he tried colored creations. My kids are super into monster trucks. And they are pretty easy to draw. He learned here that you have to move REALLY fast. Or have the heat REALLY low. You can see the progression between takes 1., 2., and 3.

Braden got the monster trucks. Normally, I have to cut up their pancakes. Today, I wasn't allowed to go near his pancakes. He ate them whole. Monster trucks hanging off of his fork like a flag, syrup dripping down his face, and savoring every moment!

Garrick got a stunt plane with his name trailing behind it. I took his picture but he growled at me. He's not nearly as interested in being photographed as his brother. So you'll have to imagine him with bedhead in his jammies eating his plane.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Zoo Theme Birthday Cake

This cake is for two girls who are celebrating their 5th and 7th Birthday's with a Zoo Party. Mom even arranged for The Zoo to come out to the party with some animals. When I arrived to deliver the cake I was amazed at the transformation that went on in the family home to give it a sort of "safari" feel.

In the photo above the lion has a yellow bow. My husband kindly reminded me that lion's are guys. So I had to remove the bow. DUH! I got a good laugh out of it anyway. And so did he at my expense!

The girls had asked that the primary colors in their cake be pink and purple. They also asked to have a monkey and elephant on the top of the cake. We went with the Mad Hatter/Topsy Turvy (Turvey) design to add whimsy to the cake. They were thrilled with the result.

The bottom tier of this cake is a pink vanilla cake with cookies and cream filling and the top tier is marble with chocolate chip filling.

Happy Birthday to Aani and Haila.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Skateboarding Birthday Cake

I know I'm going to date myself with this post but the words that kept going through my head while working on the graffiti for this cake were things like RADICAL, DUDE, FAR OUT, RIGHT ON etc... I hate to consciously resist my urges and for the most part stick with what I found online. Thanks to the internet, this boy likely won't question what is written on his cake.

This is a chocolate chip cake with chocolate icing. Covered in fondant, airbrushed, and embellished. The boy is gum paste, as is the skateboard. The railing is made up of skewers painted with a mix of silver and black airbrush color.

Overall, I'm very happy. My 5 year old thinks it's the coolest cake I've ever made. My 8 year old says it's not... he likes the monster trucks better. ha ha

Anyway... Happy Birthday to Anthony!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Unconventional Tools & Spectacular Results

I'm always on the lookout for cool ways to make a variety of textures without spending an arm and a leg. Here's one of my newer tools that I LOVE. Great for making textures for cupcake toppers, bows, and small detail pieces. No, you can't use it to cover the whole cake, BUT it is a 2 sided texture and THAT is HUGE!

This is a Cuttlebug texture mat. It's got 2 parts that are hinged together. It was not necessary to use any grease or cornstarch. Just rolled my paste really thin, and then stuck it between the layers and used my rolling pin to press it down evenly.

Excellent pattern transfer resulted and I LOVE IT!!!! Keep in mind that you can use a coupon from Michael's or ACMoore (coupons on there website here). Remember that most of the major craft store competitors accept each others coupons, including Michael's, AC Moore, and JoAnn Fabrics.

Happy Caking!


A Happy Little Dinosaur 2nd Birthday Cake.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Cake Fit for a Fashionista!

This was a fun one. Of course if you've been following my blog, you know by now that anything super girlie, frilly, and covered in bling is right up my alley. Not a difficult thing for me to get excited about when you consider I'm the mom to two boys and grew up with two brothers. I like feminine stuff!

So here's to all the girlie girls out there. A cake fit for a fashionista!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Romantic Wedding Cake that makes me want to get married all over again!

When putting together designs to show potential brides, the sky is truly the limit. There are an untold number of techniques that convey many different feelings. For this cake, I wanted to show possibilities! Most brides have a vision in their minds of what they want their wedding to be like and even what they want their cake to be like. But if asking for the details... well... it's more like a "dream". There is a feel associated with it. But trying to figure out the physical, tangible, individual designs to match that "feeling and emotion" they have been dreaming about since childhood, is a little more tricky.

So for those that have the super romantic, Cinderella-ish, Elegant and soft dream... this one is for you. Each tier shows a different technique and yet the whole cake is tied together into a cohesive design. I have to say it is my favorite wedding cake to date and it really makes me want to re-live my cake cutting ceremony so I can have photos in my pretty wedding dress cutting this cake! Oh yea... my colors were white and pale pink.

This particular cake will feed 170 guests and is priced at $1,600.00.

Check out this wonderful photograph by our friend Stephen Brown of Looking Glass Photography. Thank You Steve!


We've Moved!!!

Before Truly Custom Cakery existed, I was still here baking, decorating, and sharing my creations. This blog began back in 2008 as did my Facebook page, Stacey's Sweet Shop. But... then the cake requests were coming, loads of them, and I couldn't take the bulk of them because I wasn't licensed. So... we went through the process and got all the legalities out of the way and Truly Custom Cakery, LLC was born.

BUT... I liked my facebook page at Stacey's Sweet Shop and decided to keep using it. However, over time, it's gotten increasingly confusing for my clients and business associates because of the two very different names. So, with that in mind. We've shut down the Facebook page at Stacey's Sweet Shop and launched a new page for Truly Custom Cakery.

We'd be thrilled if you would join us there! We love interacting with everyone, getting feedback, ideas, and suggestions for future tutorials or recipes. And of course, we post LOADS of pictures! You can find us HERE. Or follow the link on the right of this page.