Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A fun way to share the news...

When my husband and I got pregnant we tried to come up with a clever way to let our parents know that they were going to be grandparents. It added to the excitement of the experience to try and surprise everyone around us with the news instead of just making phone calls and playing whisper down the lane.

With our 2nd child, it wasn't so much about being pregnant as it was about clever ways to let our friends and family know what we were having. You see, in this information age, news travels so very fast. If you want to be the one to tell people something, you kind of have to tell everyone all at once or between twitter, facebook, e-mail, text messaging, etc., someone is likely to steal your thunder. You tell 2 people and then when you go to tell the 3rd, they "already heard". Talk about anti-climactic.

The clients that ordered this cake definitely understand the value of a BIG REVEAL! They wanted to be the ones to let their friends and family know what the gender of their twins will be. So when I got the call for this order, I was given specific instructions that the shower coordinator would be providing the information on design and filling flavor. BUT the flavor of the cake would be the White Almond and the COLOR of the cake would be determined by a secret phone call from the mom after her Ultra Sound.

Mom was completely unaware of the design of the cake. All she knew, was whether or not the color of the cake would be pink, blue, or both. Even the closest family members and those planning the shower were unaware of the gender of the babies.

Each tier of cake represented one of the twins. So when they cut into the cake, the big secrets were revealed. Clever, Sneaky, and Fun!

And at the reveal.... two pink cakes! Congratulations on your twin baby girls Linda & Dan!



Anonymous said...

That's a great cake and super way of telling everyone! Love the secrecy of the whole thing.

The King Zoo said...

Friends of our did something similar but even the parents didn't know because they had asked the ultrasound technician to place either a pink or blue item (which the parents had brought with them to the appointment) into a bag. The bag was closed until family and friends were all together for a party. The secret came was out. So much fun! Love your cakes and always look forward to the creativity in them!