Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Bright, Funky, and Fun Cake. But is it Modern or Retro??

I'm not really sure how to classify this cake. I wanted to do something that was different, bright, fun, and modern. But when I look at it... I see the 70's... Kind of feel like there should be peace signs all over it. But then again... maybe it's more of a modern design... Either way... It's most definitely "out of the ordinary" for me. It was a fun cake to watch evolve. And quite honestly, I was terrified when I first started that it was going to be an utter failure. But I really like how it turned out. And apparently a lot of others liked it as well.

At the show Thursday night, it got an awful lot of attention for such a little cake! Go figure!

I started with a black background and created some strips of fondant to go up the cake in sets of 3. Pink, Green, and White were the base strip colors. From there, I used various cutters to remove sections of the fondant and replace with coordinating colors.

So what do you think? Is it modern or retro?



Always Save Room For Dessert! said...

I love this cake! It is a wonderful change from the norm.

Anonymous said...

How did you cout out the fondant from the cake? did you have two layers of fondant? if yuou had the one layer of fondant on the cake, when you made the cutouts how did you manage not to get the ganach or butter cream on to the onfdant? I love the cake -