Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just like mommy does it...

There are lots of things in life that can make us smile. But there are those moments we experience in life that not only put a smile on our faces, but also put a smile in our hearts.

Watching my 5 year old work on a project for his kindergarten class was one of those times for me. The project was to make a snowman. It could be made out of anything from Styrofoam balls to cotton to wood to noodles... But leave it to the son of a baker to choose to make his snowmen out of cookies!

And of course he's seen me working enough that when I'd try to show him how something is done, his knee jerk response was a very empathic "I KNOW!". At times it was utterly frustrating and at the same time, I watched in awe at how much my son has learned just by watching mommy work.

I thoroughly enjoyed helping him with his project. And quite frankly, there was very little he let me do! But boy oh boy did I take pictures!

So here is my son's Marshmallow Melted Snowman Cookie Project for School. Enjoy!

Icing his cookies.

Preparing the marshmallows to be "heads".

He put a little shortening on his glove (which was several sizes too big) and placed all of his marshmallows on his cookies.

This was a huge eye opening moment for me. I had no idea that he had any clue how to pipe icing. Look what an AMAZING job he did! Mommy was in SHOCK!

He drew the arms on his cookies using an edible pen. And he has seen me make so many of these silly cookies, he was spot on!

My little man showing off his skills. You'll have to ignore the noise in the background. My oldest and husband were having a wrestling match on the living room floor during taping... What can I say? I'm outnumbered by boys!

And of course we need to add the detail work. Hats, scarves, and buttons!

Finishing up.

And finally my adorable little man with his completed snowman project. I'm so proud of him! Great Job B-Man!

It's the perfect time of year for Melted Snowman Cookies. If you'd like to make some with your little bakers. You can see the full tutorial on my website HERE.



CantStopBaking said...

These are adorable!!Your son is too cute!

Michelle said...

You know where he gets his talent! I don't think I could have done half as well.

Lyndsay said...

this is both hilarious and brilliant... so cute!!