Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brown & Blue Baby Shower Cake.

Not all show cakes have to be "Weddingish". Whether your event is a wedding, anniversary, Birthday party, shower, or "just because", if you are celebrating something, people expect cake! So show cakes should depict a variety of themes. Since wedding cakes generally go in a more feminine direction, I decided to do a baby shower cake for a boy. And of course it needed a figure on top!

So here's the shower cake I designed. It's always fun to create my very own design without having guidelines. It allows me to think on my feet and do whatever comes to mind. I'm particularly fond of the texture on the bow and blanket as well as the little teddy bear the boy is holding.

Have I said lately how much I enjoy what I do?



Sweetened by Kagi said...

This is adorable! You did a great job :)

Cake Fixation said...

The textured bow is so pretty!