Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Bright Fun Cake for a Special Birthday Boy!

The details on this care are fondant and royal icing. The characters were provided by the client.

This is a Red Velvet Cake with creamy, light, and fluffy chocolate chip filling! My kids each ate 2 pieces of the extra cake round I had. And I ate a slice as well!!! Gotta watch that snacking... That or I'll be watching my boo-tay! *wink*



Tammy said...

The colors are so bright and cheerful! I love it!

Lauren said...

The cake was amazing!! It tasted as great as it looked! I had no left overs!! I am def. coming back in the future!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutlely love your cake. It could not be more perfect for the idea i had envisioned for my son's 1st birthday. Any ideas of where I could order a cake like this in southern California?

Anonymous said...

How much would a cake like this cost? I love it !