Friday, December 3, 2010

Grave Digger Monster Truck Cake.

Here's Grave Digger!!! I've been having more fun with car cakes lately... although I have to say, this is one time consuming cake to do! The carving wasn't bad. Covering in fondant... piece of cake... But the wheels & artwork, BOY OH BOY!

This is the first time that the wheels were build NOT TO MOVE at all!!! They have a disc in the center to prevent the weight of the wheel from stretching and cracking itself. I am thrilled with how sturdy they are, but it did take a while to do these wheels in stages. They are made of cereal treats sliced in half to allow a wooden disc to be placed inside. Then glued together with white chocolate. Then the face of the wheel is covered in white chocolate to create a smooth surface. After all that, it is covered in fondant.

The other time consuming part of this cake... the artwork! I think I spent 3 hours or so just painting the artwork. All that to say... each car/truck is NOT created equal!

Thank you to my wonderful husband/carpenter for building such a fantastic frame for me.



Loren @ The Baking Sheet said...

Totally awesome! Amazing work!!

Anonymous said...

How did your husband make the frame? I am going to be making a 3D truck cake soon and wanted to find the easiest way to make the cake lifted up so I can put the tires underneath it.

Rey Jose said...

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