Saturday, January 2, 2010

Winter Wedding Cake. Congratulations Amber & Ryan!

It's such fun to work on a cake around the Holiday's. From Snowflakes, to Christmas Colors, to Lights, the presentation is just beautiful. This cake was made for the daughter of some good friends. It was such a blessing to make this cake for Amber & Ryan.

There are a total of 8 cakes. Flavors are pound, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. The pound cake has a homemade raspberry filling. The rest of the cakes are strictly buttercream.

Amber was a really easy bride. I asked questions to get a feel for the style they wanted and once we worked that out, I would ask about different techniques and design options and got a lot of "whatever you think will look best". It made decorating this cake great fun because it is full of variety but not overdone.

Enjoy the photos! And Happy New Year!


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Bettina said...

That is one of the most wonderful cakes I've ever seen. I know the couple was thrilled with it. The words on the cake were amazing- a very unique touch. I would have loved to have tried all of the flavors.