Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tennis Court Birthday Cake - For the not so athletically inclined

When I got the call for this order I started laughing right away. The Birthday boy is turning 50 and his wife wanted a cake to reflect his love for Tennis. Unfortunately he and his tennis buddies aren't the "BEST" tennis players so this cake was to reflect her observations.

The requests for the players included:

1. Birthday Boy on his face with a ball in his ear.
2. Man 2 with a pink tennis skirt.
3. Man 3 by the net falling, getting hit with a ball, tennis racket on it's way down.
4. Man 4 with tennis elbow. Would rather be golfing, so give him a golf club instead of a racket.

All requests filled. Too funny. Lots going on and took about an hour each to sculpt the men. The most difficult were the men that are upright. The men laying down were so much easier.

White Almond Sour Cream Cake with buttercream and fondant. All fondant and gum paste accents. Net is made from Gum Paste and allowed to dry overnight.


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Diane C. said...

How funny!! And, how amazing too! I think you're on to something... may you contine to light us the smiles of you customers!! : )