Sunday, December 6, 2009

Monkey Themed Diaper Bag Baby Shower Cake

Isn't this monkey so cute! My 4 year old got up this morning and ran to see the finished cake and when he saw it, he shouted "A Monkey... oo oo ee ee oo oo" (these are monkey sounds by the way) It really cracked me up. I love the spontaneity of a child.

The monkey theme actually goes with the bedding set that the mommy-to-be chose. I thought a diaper bag would be fitting for a baby shower and it's a bonus that the monkey worked out so well on the flap.

This is a buttery vanilla pound cake with homemade raspberry filling, buttercream icing, and homemade fondant. Congratulations Jen!



heshaojie said...
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Colleen said...

Stacey made this cake for my girlfriend's baby shower today. It was a HUGE success! Not only was it the most amazing cake (pictures really do not do justice to her attention to detail and craftsmanship), but it was out of this world good. Everyone LOVED it. Thanks ~ you always make each event one to remember!