Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Black and White Birthday Cake

The director of my son's pre-school orders a cake for the Birthday's of her staff members. So on Tuesday's when they have a staff meeting, whoever has a Birthday that week, gets a cake. It's a fantastic way to show her staff how important they are and not overlook their important days.

We decided on 9" cakes because they are big enough to enjoy at the staff meeting and the Birthday Girl can bring the leftovers home for her family.

Today is Happy Birthday to Miss Jean. I wanted to do kind of "funky cool" because that's the way she is. Nothing too frilly but festive at the same time. I think Black and White works well for this occasion.



Deane said...

Absolutely Gorgeous!

Nicole said...

Oooooo!! my kind of cake! Love it.
I was reading what u wrote to Taylor & when I read the "funky cool" part, Taylor says, "yeah, she is!" Still her favorite teacher ever....even with me in the running!! :)