Saturday, December 12, 2009

Circular Saw Cake for a woodworker in Bucks County, PA

Made this cake for a client. Her husband really enjoys working with wood and she wanted something to reflect his personality for his Birthday. I really like how it turned out and LOVE the saw dust. It's actually the base of a cute little snowman cookie that is shaved on a cheese grater. My son actually thought I put sawdust on the cake! Too funny!

The delivery was thoroughly nerve wracking but the cake arrived in one piece and my client as well as her husband were thrilled!



Julie said...

WOW it looks so real! Cool idea for the sawdust :)

Jaime in OK said...

That is awesome! I wish you were closer, my dad would love one of those!!

Tammy said...

Stacey, this cake is amazing! I thought it was the real thing!

Sherry said...

This cake look just like the tool. I had a hard time keeping little finger out of the cake. The cake tasted awesome all our family said how it was the best cake they ever had. My husband was in shock he love the design. It looked even better in person. Thanks Stacy you are so talented.