Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Playing Catch Up! A small gallery of recent cake photos for you to enjoy.

EEEEEK!!!! I'm so behind over here. It's like a ghost town and there's no one to blame but me! The problem with social media is that there's so much of it! Despite my utter failure to keep the blog up to date, my facebook page is ALWAYS up to date. So I'm not falling behind EVERYWHERE. Just with twitter (which I still don't get, so I must need lessons, because I haven't a clue what a hatch tag is, but I'm told I need to use them), and the blog, and trying to figure out what the fuss is with pinterest (which would be easier if I knew what it was, but I haven't a clue), and I'm a loser with flickr too (don't laugh cause I really can't be the only one!) All in all, despite being a Social Media Mom, it seems I'm an utter failure at social media. How ironic! lol

So with summer coming to a close, rain almost every day, school starting, cake orders, and laundry piling up, the social media has taken not only a hit, but a BIG one! For those of you who loyally check every week for the latest cake photos, I'm very sorry. So here's my attempt at playing catch up.

These are my most recent cakes. In no particular order. Thanks for stopping by and being so forgiving. *wink*

Gerbera Daisy Wedding Cupcake Tree

Fall is almost here and with fall, we welcome wedding cakes that are topped with oranges, pinks, yellows, browns, and greens! Fall colors are being ushered in by the start of school and the cooler temperatures. And I LOVE it! Fall is one of my favorite times of year. I love the smell of the leaves, the crunching of them under y feet, as I walk along and take a deep breath of cool, crisp, fall air. I also adore the mums, pansies, and of course gerbera daisies that start popping up all over! Especially on a cake!

First Birthday Cake

An animal themed first Birthday cake. It's designed to coordinate with the Birthday Boy's bedroom and his party decorations.

My favorite part, the monkey's face on the smash cake. Seems he KNOWS what's about to happen to him!

Race Car

A grooms cake replica of the groom's race car. His fiancee wanted to make sure he knew that throughout the wedding planning process, he was not forgotten. And what a lucky guy to have a gal that cares so much.

It's a Girl Thing...

For a little girl's 6th Birthday. She's a girlie girl. Loves sparkle, ruffles, gems, feathers, and anything that screams FASHION! So this cake was about all things girl! BUT WAIT... there's more! She got 2 cakes.

The photos in the frame around the cake are based on a lamp that Alexis has in her bedroom. It's a Barbie lamp. With a little fancy footwork in PhotoShop, I was able to remove Barbie's face and replace it with the Birthday girls. It was a seamless transition and a big deal for the Birthday girl!

Man's Best Friend...

Another Grooms Cake. It's always nice when there's something "manly" at the wedding festivities for the guys. Generally, weddings are all pomp, circumstance, bling, frill, flowers, ruffles, and bows. So when the bride, parents, or friends take some time to make sure there's something for the groom that has nothing to do with frill, well, that means a lot. Because it's not something they HAVE to do. It's something special. To make HIM feel special. And that should say a lot about how much he's loved on this momentous occasion.

A Precious Welcome...

Cupcake Trees are a great way to have a stunning centerpiece for your special event without having to worry about cutting and serving cake. The inspiration for this particular piece was a combination of the invitation and the diaper cakes that the soon to be Grandma made as a centerpiece for each table. Each diaper cake had a different stuffed animal on top of it. So we pulled the animal theme into the Shower Cake. To cut costs, we scattered the animals throughout on some of the cupcakes and put pearls on the others. The Precious Moments topper on the cake was provided by the client.



Suzan said...

#1 I love your cakes
#2 I hear you on your time. I have a blog and FB (hate Twitter)and I understand updating FB over the blog. One way to do this is set your FB to receive your blog updates. So if you want to post your dailys, do it on your blog then it will automatically do it to FB.
#3 OMG PINTEREST! I just recently found it and I'm so addicted. I love it because it's basically place where you can set up a folder and keep your favorites, tutorials, bucket lists, inspirations....etc etc etc.... It displays the picture/video and if you click to it sends you to the link. So I have a number of tutorials and if I ever want to view it, I go to that folder and SEE the image vs. trying to figure which one it is within my favorites. LOVE LOVE LOVE Pinterest and you will too once you get started. Here's a look at mine: http://pinterest.com/cosima/

Jess said...

I totally agree that you need to get on Pinterest! Not that you have a shortage of great ideas, but there is SO MUCH to look at on there, it's unreal! It's also great, because as Suzan mentioned, it helps you keep all your "pictures" organized into groups. Fun times - I like to think of it as a virtual corkboard.