Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Slay the Dragon!!!

I had a client contact me about a cake for her daughter's Sweet 16 and she was looking for a Jabberwocky. They were planning an Alice In Wonderland theme Birthday Party and wanted to be able to "slay the dragon" at cake time. She was also looking into getting Petit Fours with labels that say "eat me", etc. Really cute idea. The Jabberwocky... Not so cute! This was the first time I spoke to a cake while I was working on it and told it to stop creeping me out. HA!

This is the second dragon cake I've done in a few months for a Sweet 16. I don't know... I always thought of a Sweet 16 as a sort of Prissy/Frilly event. I guess I'm wrong. Dragons seem to be the in thing.

Meet the Jabberwocky!



Teresa Jaye said...

wow, Stacey, that is awesomely ugly! You did a fantastic job on it!

TheCakeTop said...

We just love saying Jaberwocky! So fun isn't it?

Writing to say CONGRATS! One of your cake designs was entered into a contest on our website, and has won Baby Shower Cake of the Month. http://www.baby-shower-cake-ideas.com/baby-shower-cake-of-the-month.html Awesome Cake!

Stacey said...

WOW WOW WOW!!! Thank you sooo much! That's Wonderful!