Friday, August 13, 2010

A Perfectly Pink Gift Bag for a Chic Juicy Girl.

It is so much fun to sit and make things pretty. And in all honesty, could a pink gift bag get any more adorable? With the bows by the twisted rope handles and the gems scattered on the cake board, it's like a girlie explosion!

This is two 8" square cakes cut in half and stacked into two tiers. The base of the gift bag was iced before I set the top tier on so that there would be adequate icing for each serving. It's odd to have a cake tiered so that you can't see the tiers. But it works out well when it comes to serving the cake to your guests.

The tissue paper is gum paste and everything you see is edible. The pattern on the front of the bag is a combination of painting and cutting gumpaste from a template.

Happy Caking!



Teresa Jaye said...

This is beautiful, Stacey! I love everything about it, you are amazing!

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