Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sweet 16... Zebra Stripe Cake

Here's the cake I did this morning for The Town Crier. There will be a 16 in the same cherry color on the top of the cake that was still drying when I left so it isn't on the top but you get the idea.

3 layers. I WISH I could be at this party when they eat the top tier. Black buttercream... Oh, the photo opportunity you'd have to be there with a camera taking photos of people with big toothy smiles after eating that! Greenish Black Teeth!!! What I wouldn't give to see it! For my friends, family, and fellow blog followers, make a mental note NEVER to get a whole cake iced in black buttercream! Unless of course you are serving toothbrushes and toothpaste with the cake!


sexyjag213 said...

hi i would like to have this cake for my 15's how much does it cost

Stacey said...

Pricing is based on the number of servings and difficulty of the cake. I'd need to know the date of the event and how many people you want to feed in order to quote a price.

sexyjag213 said...

thank you i will leave you a messgae i really like this cake its mostly for my 15's