Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss article from

Thought this was a really interesting article in USA Today about the Show, Cake Boss on TLC. Buddy Valestro is the "boss" and they air on Monday evenings at 10pm on TLC (in my area). On the side (to the left) is a smaller article about Charm City Cakes.

Amazing what they are able to charge for these works of art! You'll notice the minimum charge for Duff's cakes is $1000.00 and the minimum for a cake from Carlo's Bakery is $11 - $15 PER SERVING!!!! WOWZA! Imagine... you want a cake to feed 25 people for a Birthday Party. You order it from Carlo's Bakery in NJ. You are charged at least $275.00!!! If you get a cake that looks like the cakes I do with the detail, you are looking at $375.00. Wrap your head around that one for a minute!! HOLY COW!

So... when the bakery tells you a cake to feed 50 people is going to run you in the vicinity of two hundred with the detail you want, you can do a happy dance at the huge bargain you are getting! And make sure you laugh at those people that ordered a similar cake and paid 5-6 times as much! And you had no idea you were a bargain shopper! ha ha


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