Monday, November 28, 2011

Playing with Sugar...

There is so much excitement and mystery in trying new techniques. Especially when you like to learn as you go. One of the things I have found that I really enjoy, is playing with sugar. HOT sugar.

And yes, I've gotten LOTS of burns. But I keep going back to it and trying new things.

My most recent project was for a 21st Birthday. It's a hand painted, poured sugar, champagne bottle surrounded by gift boxes. It's VERY feminine. And it was a lot of fun to deliver.

 Here are some other cakes that included poured sugar work.

The beer bottle and shot glass are poured sugar on this cake

The ice is sugar too!
A close up of the Beer bottles and melting ice.
If you haven't tried working with poured sugar or Isomalt, but you want to try. I recommend starting with edible gems.

They are a great place to start without being too overwhelming. You can see how HERE.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the gift box cake! I enjoy reading your blog and I often wonder what you charge for cakes like that and do your customers ever balk at the price? Do you start with a per serving price estimate and then add for the sugar work, etc? Do you ever feel like you didn't charge enough, like in the end you are actually earning very little per hour or is it more about the enjoyment of the work? I make cakes that are not nearly as complicated as yours and I often feel like I didn't get paid enough for my work, even using a per serving price chart. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions!

Stacey - Truly Custom Cakery, LLC said...

If cakes are your livelihood, it's important to make sure that you aren't cheating yourself.

I have a minimum order , a per serving price, and an added charge for complex designs. For instance, I charged per serving for this cake but then added on the cost of the champagne bottle and flowers.

If the customer doesn't want to pay, that is okay, either we come up with a simpler design or they go elsewhere.