Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lia's Bumper Party!

This a pretty cool cake! Not because of how it looks, but because of how it got here. Usually the design for a cake comes from a piece of inspiration from the client. Either an invitation, or bedding, or party theme, or a flower, etc. But this cake, had an additional inspiring element.

Lia's Birthday Party was planned at a play zone that had bowling, bumper cars, and other fun activities for the kids. So when Lia sat down to draw a picture a couple of weeks ago, she was clearly imagining her upcoming party. She drew 2 bumper cars to represent herself and her daddy. As you can see by the numbers on the cars, Lia is a young 7 and Daddy's 40!

She had already let me know that she wanted pink and blue on her cake so when mom e-mailed me the picture, a few changes were made to bring Lia's drawing to life.

In the end, Lia got the pink and blue cake she asked for along with a three dimensional edible version of her drawing.

And what did I get? I got a wonderful e-mail from Lia's mom.

Dear Stacey,
I wish you could have seen my daughter’s face when she first saw her cake today. She was basically ecstatic! The cake was absolutely adorable, and everyone raved about it. There’s only one problem with the cake – it’s so delicious I can’t stop eating it!!!
Thank you for a fabulous show stopper!

Best regards,

And this is why I really love my job!


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