Friday, April 9, 2010

Ava's 1st Birthday Topsy Turvey Mad Hatter Tutu-a-rific Puppy Cake!

I know, it's a crazy long title but how else can you describe this cake? It turned out sooo cute! I just love it.

Meet little Ava.
She's turning 1 and Mom gave me this photo along with photos of her dogs so I could sculpt them and put them on her first Birthday Cake. This is a mini little cake. Just a 6" base and a 4" top cake. It's double chocolate with buttercream.

So fun and adorable for an adorable little girl! Ava's mom is Caitlin Domanico of Caitlin Domanico Photography. Check out her website HERE! She's a fabulous photographer. Especially if you want some timeless pics of your little ones!


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Caits said...

We are sooooooooo in love! Can't wait to show it off tomorrow! THANK YOU!