Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Family Birthday Weekend and some cake overload!

Friday I had a tasting for a client and baked up a storm of cake and filling flavors. Of course a tasting is just that, a "tasting" and therefore I had TONS of cake leftover. So... when we had guests on Friday evening, we had Cake Sundae's for dessert. It worked out great! I had 5 cake flavors on the table and 5 toppings/fillings/icings for them to choose from. It was so fun to mix and match all the different combination's and amazing to see how many different "favorites" there were at the table. Of course I provided some ice cream for the kids to pair with their cake but they only went back for 2nd's and 3rd's of cake. The little sweeties! (wink)

Saturday morning I got up and started baking again to make my son's 7th Birthday cake. He wanted a crane. Giving credit where credit is due... my darling husband made the arm of the crane. He used copper wire and soldered the cross bracing. His skills are so appreciated. We had a late start but it did get completed and he was very happy. The Lego Brick cake was for my nephew's 4th Birthday as we celebrate all the Birthday's for a month together. Of course my nephew decided he'd rather have the crane. Duh! I could have saved myself a little work had I asked the little bugger! Anyway, it was a successful although very busy weekend.

Happy caking!



Sook said...

Oh wow! Amazing cakes! Cute!

DRSimrak said...

I must admit that even though he would have liked the crane, he was very grateful for the Lego cake. And if he wasn't at least his uncle was.

MySweetCreations said...

Beautiful! I admire your cakes!