Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lighted Glass Block Decorations Available Now!!!

The Holiday's are by far my favorite time of year! I really get into the festivities and if I see something I like, leave it to me to try and personalize it and tweak it into something new and special!

A couple of years ago I saw some of these lighted block decorations at a fund raiser. I just loved them and took the idea home to my husband and said "We have to make these!". He's so accommodating that he got a drill bit and stood out in the cold freezing his hands drilling glass blocks for me. Of course once other people saw them, we were using them as gifts. Then others wanted them and I started selling them. Every time he turned around I was sending him on a trip for more supplies.

So... when this time of year rolls around, my husband "prepares" himself. Between ornaments, candy, Holiday Crunch, glass blocks, cakes, and the routine craziness of the holiday's, I totally turn our world upside down. My kids are great too! They LOVE helping and had a blast stuffing lights inside of blocks for me.

Here's the start of what is available this Holiday Season. These are all custom made lighted Glass Block decorations. You can get a variety of sizes and designs. If you see something you like, RESERVE IT!! No two are alike and I can't promise that I'll be able to get my hands on the same supplies to duplicate a block if someone snatches it out from under you.

These blocks will be on sale at Redemption Christian PreSchool during their Breakfast with Santa on December 5, 2009 and I will be at New Life Presbyterian Church for the annual Glenside Farmer's Market Holiday Craft Show. Also on December 5, 9:00am-3:00pm. Plan to come out and purchase Holiday Crunch and Glass Blocks among many other items available that day.


heshaojie said...
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darlin said...

These are so pretty, how did you get the Santa into the block?

Stacey - Truly Custom Cakery, LLC said...

They are all stickers and rub ons. :) Then I spray with glass frost and glitter.

darlin said...

Stacey that sounds like a lot of work, fun but time consuming. I think that they're so pretty though, thanks for sharing!

Have a very blessed and Happy New Year!

crafty lady said...

Stacey - How do you make the glass block with Santa to look so opaque and golden and almost a faux look? my email address is

thanks so much

Cheryll Robinette said...

Stacy where do you get the rub ons &do you spray the frost first ( before the decoration) or after the decoration ?