Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Family Affair... Cake Decorator, Designer, Photographer, & DJ

When I'm not chasing my kids, or being social (which I love!!!!), I can very often be found at the computer. It's like an escape or a hobby... not sure. But sometimes, it is where I enjoy being. And even better, sometimes it really pays off for me to spend a little quality time here.

My father's retirement "job" is wedding photography. It's been a life long passion of his that got squelched by kids, a house, a full time job, bills, and life in general. Once my brother's and I moved out, it gave him the opportunity to focus a little on his own dreams and passions, which has been very cool to watch.

My background is in graphic design and photo editing. So before I had kids and discovered cake, I worked in a marketing department at a local bank. It's where I developed a lot of the skills I use now on my blog and making sure my photos look good to post. It also gave me the skills to help my father with his photography business.

Over the past several years, I've been privileged enough to design several wedding albums for him. This particular wedding album was really cool to design because I also made the wedding cake. Not too often that happens! AND my brother was not only an assistant photographer, but he held the role of DJ at the reception.

hummm.... we could be on to something here... Anyway, I wanted to share a little of what I do outside of cake. So here's a link to the latest album. The cake I designed has daisies, yellow roses, and blue butterflies. It was my first wedding cake. I'm really proud of what this album represents for our family.

Congratulations Kristin and Jim!

If you want to consider him for your wedding or special event, you can contact him at 267-254-1085 or at

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