Saturday, April 4, 2009

Steps to a Finished Cake Part 3... It Is Finished!!!

So here is the finished girlie, pink, Mickey Mouse Cake. I'm really pleased with the outcome of this project. Mickey and Minnie ended up standing in front of the cake because I'd have had to cover their feet in icing to get them to stand on top of the cake and it would have made the cake very, very tall. This seemed to give it more balance and now Jessie can keep them as long as she likes.


Cathy said...


Nicole said...

ok -- now not feel'n too good about mine. thanks for being so supportive of me, in light of your perfection!! :) You have to tell me her response to this masterpiece! Oh, to be 2 yrs. old & have a cake of this magnificence!! what does she have to look forward to??? it's gorgeous stace!!

Tammy said...

This is perfect! I love the little pink mickey ears!