Saturday, March 28, 2009


The past three Saturday's I've left my home at 8:30am to drive into South Philly's, Italian Market. There's a fantastic kitchen supply/cooking store called Fante's. In the back of the store, there's a little room where a very talented Debbie Lang, teaches Cake Decorating. I decided to sign up for the Advanced Cake Decorating course to brush up on some of my skills and learn some new ones.

Our final class was today and therefore, our final cake was due. All the prep work had to be done ahead. I piped all my flowers ahead, made the monogram, and the arbor, and also baked, torted, and iced the cake.

This cake has alternating vanilla and chocolate layers with Strawberry filling and it is covered in a dark chocolate buttercream. The flowers are made out of royal icing and the butterflies are made from unbreakable gel.


Tammy said...

Beautiful! Love the colors!

mama j said...

I'm simplistic....I like your first take better....maybe a couple small flowers--but I think too many takes away from the beauty of the contrast in colors. I think this is a piece of art--and if you add too much to it, the art becomes like a craft project--know what I mean? Both are STUNNING, but this is my favorite! Also, THIS IS MY FAVORITE COLOR COMBO--so it speaks to my heart, my mind..and my gut too! ;o) You're so talented!! Great stuff S!