Sunday, February 8, 2009

February Birthdays!

The month of February is huge in our household. We have 6 Birthday's between my family and my husband's family this month. With only 4 weekends and a limited amount of time, we've been combining the Birthday celebrations for the past few years. This weekend we are celebrating the Birthday of my 84 year old Grandmother who is a HUGE fan of the Cleveland Indians (her hometown team). My nephew Eli is turning 3, and my son Garrick is turning 6.

I wanted to make a cake that combines all 3 of them in a somewhat cohesive design. This is what I came up with. Matt was a big help as usual.

The top of the cake is Chief Wahoo of the Cleveland Indians on home plate with a stack of balls and a baseball bat. Happy Birthday Gram!!!

The 2nd tier of the cake is in honor of my son Garrick who has had a passion of construction and heavy equipment since he was old enough to see his first one.

The bottom tier is all Eli. My nephew is in LOVE with trains.

Happy Birthday!!!


DRSimrak said...

that cake was soooo delicious

S. Little said...

That is a great looking cake.

mama j said...

What a FUN and CREATIVE way, to celebrate so many together! I'm assuming, you've made me my own, for my 32nd, on Friday? ;o) Stacey-I love all your creations and can't wait to try your recipe above...OMG-it sounds so good! I've been trying to psyche myself into baking more....I'm SO not a baker....found a new ban. bread recipe recently--any good muffin type recipes you have (disguising veggies/fruits to sneak into my boy's diets)--let me know!

I miss you!