Friday, February 27, 2009

Chantilly Lace

My friend Kristin celebrated her Birthday yesterday. We don't exchange gifts and I didn't see her but I felt this desperate urge to make her a cake anyway. So it will be a day late but it is the thought that counts.

White whipped icing and butter cream decorations. This is my first attempt at Chantilly Lace and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Vanilla cake with blueberry filling. It is only a 6" cake and I had left over batter so I made some vanilla blueberry cupcakes also. My husband told me that they are "terrible and we shouldn't share them with anyone". That's how I know he likes something. He gives it a bad review so they won't leave the house. HA!


Kristin said...

The cake tastes as good as it looks! I'm finding it hard to share.... the blueberry filling is a delicious change. Also, the new background pulls the page together. Nice choice. Thanks for the birthday suprise! Love you!

Carla said...

Just wondering how you make your whipped icing. I have been using the Wilton recipe for stabilized whipped icing, and it never turns out as fluffy as yours seems to have been. Any suggestions?