Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wedding Cupcake Balls

This was a fun project and a first. Cake balls are made of strawberry cake with cream cheese icing dipped in dark and green chocolate. Gum Paste flowers, bows and royal icing accents.

Wrapped a ribbon around a terracotta pot and used styrofoam to hold them in place. What a cute and tasty little floral arrangement!

Here is the finished basket. I individually wrapped each cake ball and tied them with a ribbon. Then all the basket pieces were added, arranged, and shrink wrapped.


Bakerella said...

These came out really great. If you send me a larger pic and your state, I can add you to the next round up of pop photos that I do.

geniene simrak said...

I watched the video on that showed these cupcake balls. I didn't know so many people were making these! Yours were among the nicer ones. Good job!

Francie said...

I've had Stacey bake a cake for a friend's birthday and also, shared her Holiday Crunch at parties. They raved about how pretty the cake was as it was not the typical floral decorated cake, but had a stand-up picket fence with flowers and flower pots. They also kept saying how good it was. The Holiday Crunch never lasts for long wherever I take it. Its addicting!
I also have one of her glass block Christmas decorations and it has such a pretty glow. Its a wonderful addition to my Christmas decor.