Monday, June 6, 2011

Cake Cake Cake! A busy couple of weeks...

After 3 weeks of 2 or 3 cakes per week plus tastings, projects, and kids winding down the school year, I think I need a nap! Seems I go to bed after midnight more often than not and still get up at 7:30am most mornings to get my son off to school. Some days, it's all about coffee, good music, and focus! A good friend of mine likes to say that she's "putting her energy pants on". It's something that struck a chord with me. Because there are many days when I have to work up the energy and sort of "put on a new attitude" to force myself to push through.

I like to imagine myself literally stepping into my energy pants and pulling them up. And then plastering a smile on my face and just moving. Generally it requires a cup of coffee and a cry to God to give me strength. And then, I start moving. Once I fall into the decorating groove it's amazing what happens. I do have to give complete credit to God though. Without the talents and gifts He's given me, I wouldn't have anything to show you. I feel thoroughly blessed. ...Tired, but blessed.

So here are the cakes from the last two weeks. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed creating them.


This first one is called "Fifty Different Flowers". I love when cakes have a story and this one certainly does.

It's an Anniversary cake for a couple celebrating their 50th Anniversary. What makes it special, is the tradition that has surrounded every Anniversary they've celebrated. The husband buys his wife a different flower for every year they've been married and presents her with the flowers on their Anniversary. So for their first Anniversary she got a single flower, for the 5th Anniversary, she received 5 different flowers. and last year for the 49th Anniversary, he gave her a bouquet with 49 different flowers in it.

So the kids asked that the cake be a representation of their father's annual Anniversary gift to their mother. So, this cake literally has 50 different varieties of gumpaste flowers on it. Isn't he romantic!?!!

And in the end, what makes my chaotic life so worthwhile? Happy Customer's of course!


This next one is a Wedding Cake that I delivered to Waynesborough Country Club. It is covered in fondant with a painted pearl ribbon at the base of each tier. I met the florist at the Country Club and arranged the flowers on site. This was one of those times when I wish I'd have taken some photos of the rest of the ballroom so you could see how beautifully decorated it was.


This one is a Christening Cake that went to Philadelphia Country Club. It's my most popular design. Since I try very hard not to recreate a design, I change little things about each cake. The feel is always the same, but the flowers may change a bit, the piping on the top tier changes, and of course, each baby girl gets her OWN pair of shoes! That way the cake is unique even if it is a little similar.


This is a cake for a young lady celebrating her 18th Birthday and her High School Graduation. She was having a Tropical Theme Party and asked that her cake reflect the theme. She chose the elements she wanted me to include and chose offset squares for her tiers. She didn't mention anything about her Graduation, but I stuck a little cap on the 18 because we couldn't overlook her big accomplishment.


This was my final project for this past weekend. It was actually ordered by my sister-in-law for a colleagues 30th Birthday. Her friend is a huge fan of travel to tropical beaches and her two pugs. So with that in mind, Michelle ordered a cake for her that reflected two of Stephanie's favorite things. She asked that it include a palm tree, some waves, sand, and of course, the two pugs.

My favorite thing about this cake is the palm tree. When I first started decorating, getting things to have shape when they were sort of "up in the air" was a real challenge. So it was a mini hurdle for me to make a palm tree that didn't look like a wilted mushroom. Sometimes, it really is the little things that make me smile.


I hope you enjoyed looking at the cakes! I know I've been slacking a bit with my blog posts (hence the doubling up). If you are impatient and want to see the cakes as they are completed, I generally post them on Facebook once they've been picked up or delivered. You are welcome to join TCC's Fanpage and see all the cakes as they go out.


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Adrienne Brason said...

What a talent you have! Such gorgeous work.