Thursday, July 22, 2010

A little deer hunter...

A Birthday Cake for a young man who likes to hunt. Last hunting season he got an 8pt deer and was very proud of his accomplishment. Mom wanted to remember that happy moment on his Birthday Cake. Everything is hand sculpted. The antlers, bow, arrow, and shovel handle are NOT edible. Everything else is.

Okay... the shovel and the hole... I know... looks like he shot the deer just so he can bury it. BUT mom said he dug a big hole (I don't remember why) and wanted a hole dug with a shovel, dirt, and rocks. On a cake this size, it really looks like something else is going on. But in reality, it's just one of the things I was asked to include.

This is a vanilla cake with peanut butter cup filling.


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Anonymous said...

super cake!!