Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baby's First Birthday Cake.

This is a cake for my nephew's 1st Birthday.
This is a White Cake with mini chocolate chips, butterscotch icing, and Twix candy bar crushed on top under the leaves. The decorations are all fondant.

The bushel is two - 9" round cakes and the little pumpkins are mini bundt cakes sandwiched together with butterscotch icing between the layers. They are iced and covered in fondant.

The leaves are all made out of gum paste. Baby is also gum paste. Absolutely everything on this cake is edible. Minus the cake plate of course.

Here are a couple of photos of the Birthday Boy and his cake.


DRSimrak said...

This Cake was awesome. We felt so bad having to break into it to eat it. Obviously Gabe didn't mind. It was a great cake and it was super delicious as well.

geniene simrak said...

Thanks for making this for us, Stacey. We loved it. You did a phenomenal job on the artistic design. You are so gifted! It was quite a hit!