Friday, June 27, 2008

Allie's Dora the Explorer 3rd Birthday Cake

Made this cake for my niece's Birthday. She's turning 3 and just loves Dora the Explorer. It's 2 - 10" layers. Bottom layer is chocolate and the top layer is vanilla. The filling is cookies and cream butter cream. It is iced in butter cream with fondant accents. This is my second Frozen Butter Cream Transfer (FBCT).

My youngest who is 2 months older than Allie also loves Dora so it was like pulling teeth keeping him away from this cake. You know how an excited 3 year old loves to flail around! Talk about mommy having an anxiety attack.


Anonymous said...


The cake was beautiful and delicious. Alicia loved her cake.

Thank You

geniene simrak said...

It might have to be "Little Einsteins" next. I hear that's what she's totally into these days. Making a "Rocket" cake would be pretty awesome.

Sommer J said...

gorgeous! i am attemting a dora cake for my soon to be 3 year old! i am using fondant for the first time and i am so nervous.