Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Holiday Crunch

For years I've been making candy over the Christmas Season to use as gifts for friends, family, and colleagues. This delectable confection has been a part of my repertoire for the past 5 years and is by far the most popular.

Popcorn, almonds, and pecans covered with homemade caramel toffee and finally drizzled with chocolate. It's very tender and just melts in your mouth.

My recipe is most definitely a secret and one I've guarded well. I can't very well give this treat as a gift if all the recipients could whip up their own batch. As a result, those who have been begging for my recipe asked me to sell it instead.

So this past winter I made it available. In the 6 weeks that span the Thanksgiving and Christmas Season I sold over 300 packages! Including an order for 85 tins to a NJ company. WOW!


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